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Yahoo! Internet Life - The Ten Best Star Trek Sites [2K]
"1. Best "Where No One Has Gone Before" Site.

Star Trek WWW is the place to start your mission. At last count, Luca Sambucci had collected links to 652 home pages, 28 mailing lists, and 64 newsgroups. Anything you need is listed here, from a support group for people who hate Wesley Crusher to philosophy dissertations such as, "The Political Aesthetic: Nation and Narrativity on the Starship Enterprise."

For everyone from hard-core fans to those who just want to check the TV listings, this site is a transport of delight."

Here's a complete listing of all the awards we won (in inverse chronological order):

presidential.jpg 5,90 K
04 august 1997
For: Meritorious service to the On-line community promoting StarTrek. Luca's site has been labeled "The Mother of all ST Web Sites", and is rightfuly so. Also the site is the host for the "OFF" or On-line Freedom Federation Campaign. Designed to promote free speech on the Internet. Luca Sambucci and the ST:WWW site are credits to the community of Star Trek and the internet .

stu_toppick_admiral.gif 12,22 K
31 july 1997

Featured on Starbase 261
14 july 1997

Webrating Five
11 july 1997

LeFrog Award for Excellence
24 june 1997

Delos Best Site
June 1997

sovclass.gif 7,16 K
June 1997

04 June 1997

Gar award
04 June 1997

Web Star Bronze Award
30 May 1997
This sites' slogan describes it all: It's "THE MOTHER OF ALL STAR TREK SITES"! And really, it seems to be the largest ST database on the web!

Starting Point Hot Site
28 May 1997

Watcher's Top Trek Award
17 April 1997

Angel Swan Award for Star Trek Excellence
15 April 1997

Borg Award
11 April 1997

Pankaj Arora's Homepage!  Award for Excellence
March 1997

Shakaar Top 5 Sites award
March 1997

HOT Link of the Week
March 1997

13 February 1997

This Half of the Galaxy: Trek Site of the Month
February 1997

5 pip site
27 January 1997

Quality Testsite
27 January 1997

Fairy Award
24 January 1997

WebCrawler Select
16 January 1997

Riddler Choice!
10 January 1997

This site is in Starfleet Headquarters
9 January 1997

Adam S. Kahn's Homepage - select Star Trek site [9K]
December 1996

This site is one of Pandora's most addictive links!!! [6K]
16 November 1996

Winner Top 10 Cool Sites of the Month [2K]
15 November 1996

Ten Star Trek Sites [1K]
12 November 1996

Winner In The 1996 White Tiger Online Web Awards [2K]
2 November 1996

Best of Italian Web Pages [4K]
September 1996

September 1996

[K'Mel Honor Site]
August 1996

[Star Trek Nexus Top Pick: Only the best of Trek on the Net]
August 1996

Magellan 3-Star Site
July 1996

Required Readings in Exopolitics
June 1996

Telecom Italia Net Top Ten Webspace
since April 1996

Andrew's Cool Site of the Week
19 February 1996

AdZe's Cosmic Site of the Night
13 February 1996

Sci-Fi Central Cool Site of the Week
3 February 1996

Cool Page of the Day
27-28 November 1995 (rated * * * * 1/2* of five)

Official Cool Link
27 November 1995

Cool Site of the Nite
23 November 1995

Barbara's Best Bookmark of the Day
4 November 1995

Month's Top Site at

DreamWatch Online
October 1995

Cool site
since 1995